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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

How Doctor Who should've ended: the real farewell to Amy and Rory

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(Credit: BBC)

An un-shot Doctor Who scene from "The Angels take Manhattan" gives some much-needed closure on the exit of Amy and Rory.

This scene, written by Chris Chibnall and called "Doctor Who: P.S.", didn't make it into the episode where we farewelled Amy Pond and Rory Williams — but perhaps it should have, considering the abruptness with which they were gone.

It still hasn't been filmed, but the storyboard sequence was released by the BBC, with a voice-over by Arthur Darvill, who plays the part of Williams in the show. It focuses in on Brian Williams, Rory's dad, who is home alone, watering the plants, when a man arrives at the door with a letter.

It's a little bit sadder — but a little bit lovelier, too.


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