How much do you pay for a 2-minute call?

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So, your telco offers you hundreds of dollars of "included value" with your mobile phone plan each month, but do you actually know how many calls this equates to?

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The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), the Australian mobile industry watchdog, has recommended that Aussie telcos begin advertising the cost of a standard call, so that consumers can more easily compare plans before signing up to long-term contracts.

The average length of a call works out to be about two minutes in length, so telcos will need to display the price of two one-minute billing blocks, plus any flag fall fee charged. With these changes coming into effect soon, we thought we'd beat the telcos to the punch and show you what you are being charged for a two-minute call right now.

Remember, this is only half of the equation. You'll still need to divide the value in your plan by the cost of a call.

Update: we've removed the "Calls on a AU$50 plan" column seen in the previous version of this article, due to the fact that it was so mind-bogglingly confusing (sorry!) We'll leave it to you to compare the plans you are interested in, using the figures below to create an even playing field.


Plan Cost of 2-min call
Everyday connect (all plans) AU$2.38
Casual 10 AU$2.27
Casual 20 AU$2.15
Casual 30 AU$2.03
Casual 40 AU$1.71
Mobile Member 20 AU$2.15
Mobile Member 30 AU$2.03
Mobile Member 40 AU$1.71
Mobile Phone 30 AU$2.11
Mobile Phone 40 AU$1.79


Plan Cost of 2-min call
Sim only (all plans) AU$2.15
Optus plans (all plans) AU$2.40


Plan Cost of 2-min call
All plans AU$2.36


Plan Cost of 2-min call
All plans AU$2.38


Plan Cost of 2-min call
As You Go AU$0.24
Flexi AU$0.18

Live Connected

Plan Cost of 2-min call
All plans AU$2.15


Plan Cost of 2-min call
All plans AU$2.15


Plan Cost of 2-min call
All plans AU$2.15


Plan Cost of 2-min call
All caps AU$2.17


Plan Cost of 2-min call
29 Cap AU$1.99

Crazy Johns

Plan Cost of 2-min call
Value plans AU$2.38

Boost Mobile

Plan Cost of 2-min call
Super Cap AU$2.17


Plan Cost of 2-min call
No Worries 39 AU$2.15
Social Caps AU$2.37
GoLow Plans AU$1.85

Keep in mind that this is only a guide. There are other factors to consider before jumping in to a new phone contract, like how much data the plan offers, and whether SMS is unlimited or deducted from the "included value" figure. Also, some of the plans listed above require a two-year contract, while others, like the Amaysim plans, have no lock-in terms at all.

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peter patina posted a comment   

Why haven't you included DODO


emarkby posted a comment   

Thanks to the cap system it makes these comparisons a little pointless IMO, although if other people like them, all good then.
My $55 cap with Crazy Johns included $750 calls, so that works out at effectively $0.174 per 2 minute call. And like most contracts that expensive, you get the latest and best phone thrown in with in anyway. Because the phone was worth about $600 originally, that effectively makes it $30/mth for the calls you use - hence it drops the cost of a 2 minute call to $0.095.


MitchellD1 posted a comment   

don't forget
1. unlimited free calls on the same network and
2. free voice mail
that some plans allow for, which can be major money savers.

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