How to control your privacy settings in iOS 6

With iOS 6, app developers will have to get permission to access your personal information. Apps will need permission to access your Location, Contacts, Calendar, Reminders, Photos and even your Twitter or Facebook account.

The first time an app attempts to access any of your private information, you'll be prompted to grant it access to that information. Should you deny (or approve) the access, but later change your mind, you can change it in the Settings app.

Instead of cluttering up the Settings app with option after option, Apple has condensed all of the privacy settings and put them in a section of their own — aptly titled Privacy. You can find it in Settings > Privacy.

Once you're viewing your Privacy settings, you can enable or disable access to your information by category, on an app-by-app basis.

Giving people more control over which apps can access what data should help avoid situations like those that we previously saw when Path was caught sending contact information to its servers earlier this year.


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