How to create ringtones with iTunes 10

Express yourself! Here's a step-by-step guide on how to make your own ringtones using iTunes 10.

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XiaoGue posted a comment   

I have been the following website:

Try using this because although it takes longer uploading and downloading, it is easier to select the portion of song you want as a ringtone and it can generate a fade-in and fade-out effect.

Have to say though, the way of making it in iTunes itself is neat.


Zee posted a comment   

THANK YOU!!!!!!!


wendlle posted a comment   



Mandarin posted a comment   

Try to download Iphone transfer software, will help you make your own ringtones "Imtoo phone transfer" and see the result


mandarin posted a comment   

I did it, while my i phone was connected, i saw the file in ringtones list, but when i disconnected it to customized my ringtone, the new ringtone disappeared


ashlee posted a comment   

brillant!!!! after two hours of fiddling trying to figure it out, then i find this video - one watch of this video and its done!!


cas posted a comment   

my time dont do 30secs it says on 0 secs??


bango posted a comment   



kimmy:) posted a comment   

This is amazing! So many people have no idea that you can even do this stuff. Thanks :)


June posted a comment   

Yay! Thanks for the info~~~!!^^

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