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Twitter has started to roll out a new header photo layout for profiles. Here's how to tweak it to look right, first time.

(Credit: Twitter)

The new header layout is available to all Twitter users from the Design tab in your settings page on However, adjusting your selected photo to the exact dimensions and layout of the new header can be tricky.

Fortunately, there's a layout to help. Designer Shelby White has provided this PSD file for anyone wanting to customise the header, to take into account the placement of the profile picture and description.

By using Smart Objects in the PSD template, White has made it easy to edit and update the images and linked objects, all at once.

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WiinstonS posted a comment   

Hi, has it rolled out to everyone yet? I still have the old design settings so no chance to change to the new Twitter Header Photo


Lexy Savvides posted a reply   

It should be available to everyone, or at least in all the accounts I have access to, I can change it. Click the cog wheel from the main web interface, Settings, then go to Design and scroll down past the pre-made themes to the "Customise your own" section.

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