How to install a car stereo, a step-by-step guide

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Derek loves nothing more than punching a remote location into a GPS, queuing up some music and heading out on a long drive, so it's a good thing he's in charge of CNET Australia's Car Tech channel.

Changing your car's audio system may be a slightly fiddly affair, but with our step-by-step guide you'll swapping stereos in and out like a pro in no time — and saving yourself a packet to boot.

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HamzaF posted a comment   

Help please , I have a 1996 Mercedes c180 , I wanna fit a pioneer head unit on and two way speakers , please tell me how to do so thx


ThabangS posted a comment   

I did all this, but on the deck, there's a Red light that flashes, when I attach the phase/face of the risk player, it does not come on. Sinotec deck


DaveB3 posted a comment   

hi can I ask an instruction on how to install a Sony xav-601bt on my 2013 Honda Fit.


FrankC posted a comment   

Orange. Illumination cable


FrankC posted a comment   

So where is the orange illumination cable go connected into 2004 Toyota Corolla


moesatriani posted a comment   

Thank you so much for this great car audio wiring guide. I had been thinking about doing this for a long time because my stereo is really old. The sound quality was really bad as well. Now, my car sounds great! Thanks again!


Hannah posted a comment   

okay well I installed a dual audio player in my 2000 eclipse. when I turn the car on it starts blinking and making a sound. I checked all the fuses.. disconnected the battery. it still continues to blink. what is wrong?!


Akil posted a comment   

Im haveing a problem hooking up my stereo i bought a wire harnes and it has 2 extra orange wires what do i do i have a 95 chevy astro van


muff_d1v3r posted a comment   

the previous owner of my car had installed the unit themselves and just this week (almost 4 yrs after i bought it) it decided to fry my whole electric system theres melted s**t everywhere. every wire going into the fuse box is black and stripped bare... not too keen on re doing it myself now =\

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