How to play the YouTube hidden snake game

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Seamus Byrne is the Editor of CNET Australia. At other times he'll be found messing with apps, watching TV, building LEGO, and rolling dice. Usually at the same time.

It's time to game like you're still on a Nokia 6110. All thanks to YouTube!

Ever been stuck waiting for a video to load on YouTube? Or maybe you're really just listening to the audio, and the video itself isn't all that interesting? Then it's time to unlock one of YouTube's great Easter eggs: a hidden version of the classic Snake game! You remember the one ... it used to be the only game you'd ever get on a mobile, back when Nokia ruled the roost.

Go find yourself a YouTube video, start watching, and then press the Left and Up arrows at the same time. Now you'll see your little snake flying around the screen. Keep hunting down those dots to eat, and see how long you can get! See? It's 1998 all over again.

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