How to restore missing ABC iView, Plus7 to your PS3

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If you've upgraded your PlayStation 3's firmware to version 3.7 and beyond, you may notice that the Plus7 and ABC iView catch-up TV services have gone missing. How do you get them back?

Restoring catch-up TV

There are number of fixes to this problem (listed below) and all but the final one worked for us. Try each of the following until you see a newly minted TV/Video Services menu.

  • Just play a game and, after a little bit, quit it
  • Head into the PlayStation Store and download Mubi
  • Log-in to a different local PS3 account and then log back in to your primary PS3 account
  • Activate your PS3 for video playback (PlayStation Network > Account Management > System Activation > PS3 System > Video).

You should now find ABC iView, Plus7 and Mubi underneath the new TV/Video Services menu.

Keeping catch-up TV there

Once we restored catch-up TV services to our PS3's cross media bar (XMB), they would promptly disappear after a reboot.

In our experience, to keep your catch-up TV services there on a permanent basis, you need to use at least one of them.

Let us know in the comments section below whether you've been affected by this bug and how you managed to fix it.

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HamishD1 posted a comment   

Aha - shipping just arrived from UK: thought that it was just that! Will try tonight, cheers :)

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