How to spot a phishing scam: slideshow

The fallout from the data breach of US marketing firm Epsilon was massive. Some of the world's largest companies were forced to apologise, as customer details stored within Epsilon were stolen by hackers.

As each company duly noted, the data lost was small, being names and email addresses. Yet, even that information is valuable for use in further attacks, notably in phishing scams.

If an attacker knows your name, the companies you deal with and your email, then it can craft some convincing emails that have a much better chance of fooling you.

Here are some fabricated examples of phishing emails to illustrate what users need to watch out for in order to protect themselves.

Can you spot what makes these emails fake?

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dljlegge posted a comment   

the misspelt word such as dreem is a commonplace occurrence nowadays making the distinction between real emails and bogus emails a little difficult at times. Best motto, if in doubt, check with original REAL sender first.

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