How to use Home Sharing on your iPad, iPhone or iPod

Before iOS 4.3, Home Sharing was only for PCs, but now you can share any computer's iTunes library with your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch over your Wi-Fi network. This allows you to access more music, movies or podcasts from multiple computers without burdening your device's storage.

Once you set up your Home Sharing account on your computers and devices, sharing is easy. Here's how to do it:

Set up your Home Sharing account

To do this, you'll need iTunes 10.2 or later. Go to the "Advanced" menu, select "Turn on Home Sharing" and enter your Apple ID credentials.

Now you'll need to do the same on your iOS device. On any device, go to "Settings", "iPod" and enter the same Apple ID credentials. If you want to access a computer with a different Apple ID association, you'll have to enter that one instead.

Note: iTunes limits users to five computers per Home Sharing account, so if you've reached your limit (as Apple will tell you), de-authorise one of the computers. To do so, go to iTunes, head to the "Store" menu and then "Deuthorize this computer".

Home Sharing on an iPhone

Make sure your iPhone is on the same Wi-Fi network as the computer you want to access. Then, open the iPod app and tap "More". Go to "Shared" and select the iTunes library name.

Home Sharing on an iPod Touch

Connect your iPod Touch to the same Wi-Fi network as the computer you want to access. To listen to shared music, open the "Music" app, tap "More" and click the iTunes library name. To check out shared videos, launch the "Videos" app and do the same thing.

Home Sharing on an iPad

Make sure your iPad and computer are on the same Wi-Fi network. Then, head to "iPod", tap "Library" in the sidebar and select the name of the iTunes library from the pop-up window.


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i cant find the ipod thing in my settings


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make sure your on ios 4.3 :)

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