HP Envy 6 (1010TU)

For less than AU$1000, the Envy 6 is quite a good deal, with an excellent build quality and attractive design. To get there, though, the company had to use last-generation specs.

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User Reviews / Comments  HP Envy 6 (1010TU)

  • lalat77


    "I just had to comment here after trying to find the exact model number for my (faulty) Envy notebook, and stumbling across this review. The build quality is NOT 'excellent', as quoted from above. <..."

  • MatthewC11



    "Laptop itself has basically been fine until recently.
    Sound is a bit tinny and the space bar on the keyboard isn't very good but apart from that it was fine, especially for under 1000.

  • HildaK1


    "Just bought mine today. Came home all excited, gathered the family around so I could show it off. Opened lid, (earlier on although I noticed the right hinge lid was slightly askew and questioned t..."

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