HP Mini 2140 (Intel Atom N270 processor 1.6GHz, 1GB RAM)

HP offers a premium version of its Mini 1000 while keeping the price down, making the Mini 2140 the netbook to beat.

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User Reviews / Comments  HP Mini 2140 (Intel Atom N270 processor 1.6GHz, 1GB RAM)

  • fc


    "There is a high ressolution version of the HP 2140 (1366x768) for sale on ebay. Brand new shipping within Australia. Also with ~8 hour 6-cell battery.


  • Andrew


    "Just wondering when in the year the 1366x768 version will be coming out.

    I am going traveling at the end of November and just looking at which mini notebooks to buy for then. Are ..."

  • Thien



    "where in Australia can i get one?
    i mean retailers not online."

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