HP Officejet Pro 8000 (A809)

The Officejet Pro 8000 does indeed jet along nicely in draft mode printing, but best quality is another story altogether.

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User Reviews / Comments  HP Officejet Pro 8000 (A809)

  • Mellow



    "I actually really like this printer. It's super fast, prints thermal inkjet so it's like laser toner and doesn't run much if it gets wet. It's economical to print (the cartridges cost a bit up fron..."

  • JillI



    "This is a bad printer!

    It doesn't have a screen to tell you what it wrong with it or what it is thinking (which you want, when the printer is constantly having trouble). The printer s..."

  • tygrus



    "HP RD and manufacturing engineers must have gone MIA for the last 5years or so. I suppose the other brands don't offer much better in some respects. Don't believe the marketing material or brief ma..."

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