HP Officejet Pro 8600: looking underneath the hood

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I found the HP Officejet Pro 8600 to be very user friendly, and when I was not able to figure out how to do certain things on the HP, I would just get assistance on my touchscreen to give me a demonstration on the animated video to show me what I needed to do next. I found this be a useful tool function.



The print speed of the printer with the wireless printing enabled me to print from any computer in the company network, which produced clean and crisp images. The touchscreen made it an easy touchscreen choice for me on two-sided documents, but also enabled me to do a mirror copy and also an auto enlarge, which copied up to 99 copies. It had the ability to copy both sides of a document into a single page. It had the auto document feeder, which it made very quick and easy to copy documents fast without having to lift up the copier to copy documents.

The HP also had a slot for use of the SD memory card, which made it easy to save documents and images.


I could fax up to 100 pages, which then gave me the option of doing the following: scan and fax, broadcast fax, send fax later or poll to receive it. It also gave me the option of sending it by email, and where ever I was, I also had the capability of sending my fax to a one-sided original or a two-sided original, which I found very useful, and the facility of being able to have an incoming fax sent to an email address when you were out of the office was great to have, as well. I use the fax a lot, and so do my clients, especially if they don't have email.

The scanning method, which I use quite frequently in my business, made life simple with the HP for sending out my documents to my clients, which I then had the option of scanning directly from my computer, my memory device or a network folder and email. The majority of the time, I used the email function, as I had all my documents in a saved folder, and was then able to send it through to email.

With the HP print, I could easily print from my mobile device to different locations, and I was able to do this from my, iPhone, an Android phone and a tablet by installing the software from the website, which I could then print from any destination that I was in. I could easily print a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet, a PowerPoint presentation, Adobe PDF files, photo files, HTML and any text file. It made it easy for me, as I have a video and photography company that is always out and about. It made it easy for me to print my documents, such as my invoices, photos and brochures, when I required them or my team did.

Copy ID

The Copy ID made it very efficient, quick and smart to quickly copy and scan both sides of an ID or drivers' licence — this made it an easy task.

Eco features and tips

This feature was a great idea, especially looking at a business point a view of ideas and tips you could use for own business to save you money on saving energy, paper and to recycle. It had its own category, where you could press with a touch of a button to get the ideas and tips.

The settings on the HP, such as brightness, was an easy touch button to darken or lighten the screen.

The two-sided copy was also an easy touchscreen option that could be done by a touch of a button, giving you the choice of one-sided copy or a two-sided copy

The sleep mode was a great idea to have to put your HP ino a sleep mode for after five minutes,10 minutes or 15 minutes. This certainly was not something I would have thought of in an all-in-one printer.


These were already in the HP; there were about 35, which consist of News, Calendar, Comics and Apps for the Kids. It was very easy to use; you could, for example, press Managers tools, and it would print that App page for you that discussed information about maintaining recruiter relationships for business on ways to improve — this was very clever.

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