HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus: week three

Every time I go to use this machine, I find out more of what it can do.

This week, I've downloaded some files from websites and printed them (as you would normally) using the double-sided option — and then noticed that there is a booklet option. I tried that; what a great idea. No need to collate specifically or muck around — out came a booklet using standard A4 paper at a click of the mouse.

This is something that can be used more often, particularly if downloading significant-sized documents that need to be printed.

The booklet option.
(Credit: Peter Oulianoff)

Experimenting with different themes.
(Credit: Peter Oulianoff)

Experimenting with colours and formats is no trouble for this printer, either.

As you can see above, I tried quite a few different colour combinations, and, for the most part, they came out as specified on the computer screen, although the colours are slightly different when printed; the same result if you go to a professional printer and ask them to do it.

I did notice that if you use a lot of colour when doing double-sided printing, the print time is insufficient to allow significant drying of the first page, and the whole sheet comes out a bit wet and floppy (crinkly) until it completely dries, when it can be straightened out to present a fairly competent flyer. The straightening out is a bit annoying, though, and as such I tended to use less colour to avoid this part of the process.

The whole remote-printing thing is a bit hit and miss. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Some attachments refuse to print, whilst others (in the same format) print without problems. Going to the HP website has some answers that sometimes work. The one that astonished me was "to ask the sender to use more up-to-date software". I can't see a positive in this, when the sender could misinterpret this as being a bit of a put-down for not having up-to-date software. This would be a little bit iffy when dealing with a potential client.

Scanning direct to email is a great time-saving option, as I can take a lot of documents on the road with me (via my phone), so that the client can see clear fixes to problems they may be experiencing, and I can then forward these on to them and they can print them out in their office if need be. I've used this option quite a few times, and it seems to work well.

As a bit of a test, I tried to ePrint the emailed document, and it wouldn't print the attachment on a number of occasions. Go figure.

I'll work on this, and see if it is me or the printer or outside factors.

My kids continue to get use out of the apps, and I'm starting to research this option further with some success. It definitely needs more work on my part. One good thing about this is that there is an area to suggest apps to HP, and they could create one to suit your needs; obviously, that would depend on their criteria.

Overall, this week proved a little mixed with the results in various areas. I'm happy with the unit as a scanner, fax and printer, and have had mixed results using some of the other features. It's definitely a work in progress.

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