HP Officejet Pro 8600: week three

I found that using the HP website templates was very useful; I could use this for my business. It made it a lot easier and faster to produce and choose the different styles and formats on how I could produce different documents, such as business cards, letterheads, envelopes, brochures and flyers. I was, in fact, quite excited to use this, as this was something I found to be interesting and enjoyed. I got something that looked professional, as well as something that was already designed for me, and all the hard work of fiddling around was already done. All I needed to do was add my text and images. I had the option of changing and altering the information I had, as well. I also decided to use the website www. istock.com, which has photo images and video files that you can use for your design. I was able to use this for my flyer, which was great, and quite a useful tool. I could just type in the search button an image, for example "video", and there would come up all of the photo images of "video". This was great; I could choose the type of image I wanted, and added to my flyer very easily. Of course, you do have to sign up, and there are cost credits involved, but at least you get the images you require.

It was time for me to design something, so I decided to do a draft flyer, which I could drop to local businesses. Here is the design I did in about 15 minutes; it was so easy to use. (Please see my video.)

I am quite surprised with the amount of paper I have been using — and in that time, the ink still has a quite good amount left. I was able to get a Printer Status report of this, which was handy to have, and I cannot get this from the other printers that I have. The only thing I got from the other printers was the status of my ink, but this report covered everything.

In the documents, I was able to produce from my HP printer a price and packaging brochure to email to my clients. And that was as easy as using the HP website.

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