HP Photosmart Premium C410a

The premium HP Photosmart C410a is a viable purchase option if you need all-in-one functionality and will take advantage of HP's wireless and web printing technologies.

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The HP Photosmart Premium C410a occupies the middle ground between a versatile, low-cost inkjet for the home and a high-volume multifunction for office use. It produces faster, higher-quality prints than competitive low-end all-in-one printers, and HP also includes its convenient ePrint and AirPrint technologies that let you send print jobs via email and directly from Apple iOS devices.

Design and features

The HP Photosmart Premium C410a is of average size for a mid-grade multifunction printer, measuring 28.3cm high, 46.8cm wide and 45.3cm deep. It features one 125-sheet paper tray with a 20-sheet photo paper tray above it.

The Photosmart Premium C410a's main paper tray can hold up to legal-size paper, and the small photo tray can hold up to 5x7-inch paper. A busy, high-volume office will constantly need to refill the 125-sheet paper tray, but it's highly convenient for home users to have a dedicated photo tray that saves the hassle of manually loading photo paper when alternating between document and snapshot photo prints.

On top of the printer, you'll find a 50-sheet auto-document feeder (ADF) that lets you slide in a stack of sheets for hands-free scanning, copying or printing. The Photosmart Premium C410a also features automatic duplexing that can print on both sides of a single sheet of paper, and a button on the printer's control panel lets you easily toggle between single- and double-sided printing.

The Photosmart Premium C410a bucks the touchscreen trend, serving up a control panel littered with physical buttons. The control panel runs nearly the entire width of the printer with ample room for an organised button layout. A small, 2.4-inch status LCD sits on the left side of the control panel. The panel sits fixed at an angle, but the colour LCD can tilt forward for better viewing when you're seated. To the left of the LCD on the front face of the printer are three media card slots (MemoryStick, SD and CompactFlash) and a PictBridge USB port for direct printing from a compatible digital camera.

You'll also notice a button labelled "Print Photos" in addition to the usual buttons to initiate scans, copies and faxes. When you attach a USB device or insert a media card, the printer will scan the drive or card for photos that you can view on the LCD and scroll through using the arrow buttons. You can also select the photos you'd like to print, perform a few basic edits if you so desire (though the small screen makes it very difficult to see how your edits affect the image), and hit the Print Photo button to output your project. Finally, the convenient automatic paper sensor will automatically draw media directly from the photo paper tray.

Installing the printer is no more complicated than installing the software and drivers from the bundled CD, and then connecting the printer to your PC or Mac using a USB cable. You'll need to supply your own for a direct connection as HP leaves it out of the box. The C410a also features Ethernet and Wi-Fi networking, and we connected it wirelessly on the printer by stepping through the set-up screens, clicking on our preferred Wi-Fi network from a list and entering our password.

You need no additional apps to print from an iPhone once you have the printer synced up to a wireless network. It also works with the iPad and iPod Touch, although we didn't test with these devices. HP calls this functionality AirPrint, and it's incredibly slick. Without the need to visit Apple's App Store, we were able to print directly from our iPhone. We printed out a photo from our iPhone photo library by simply choosing the printer and hitting Print. You can't adjust any print properties, however, which resulted in some clipping on a square Hipstamatic photo using both letter-size paper and 4x6 photo paper.

In addition to AirPrint, the printer also features HP's ePrint technology, where you can email the printer an attachment to print out. To set it up, hit the ePrint button on the Photosmart Premium C410a's control panel and it will print out a welcome sheet with a code that you then must enter on HP's ePrint website. The code then becomes the email address like so: code@hpeprint.com. ePrint is a convenient feature, but it comes with a few restrictions. For one, the printer must be on and also connected to your network (you select whether anyone can email print jobs to your printer or only those to whom you grant access). For another, it can't print web pages, although you can simply copy the web text into the body of an email to get a similar page.

The printer also features HP's print apps, which let you print pages from outlets such as Financial Times, Yahoo, Reuters, USA Today. Others from DreamWorks, Nickelodeon and Disney let you print colouring pages, paper aeroplane templates, and other crafts. You can also install additional free apps, but you must do so from HP's ePrint Center website after creating an account. It would be infinitely easier to simply download them directly to the printer. Also, the apps are much more useful on a printer with a larger LCD display.

The flatbed scanner/copier can scan or copy letter-size documents but not legal sheets. It features a 4800dpi resolution and scanned and copied documents looked crisp and sharp. You can send scans to a PC, a memory card or a USB drive. There is also an option for scanning photos to whatever paper you have in the photo tray. The front-right corner is used to align material to be copied or scanned, which is easier than other printers that make you align your pages or photos in the back-left corner. The Photosmart Premium C410a's hinges do not detach, which is inconvenient when scanning or copying pages from thick textbooks.

The Photosmart Premium C410a employs a five-ink tank system (yellow, cyan, magenta and two black cartridges). High-yield black cartridges (564XL) cost AU$32 for a rated 550 pages, and high-yield colour ink cartridges (564XL) cost AU$27 for a rated 750 pages. Working with these figures, monochrome pages cost 5.8 cents a page, and colour pages cost 10 cents a page.


In lab testing, the HP Photosmart C410a proved itself an above-average performer across all four of our speed tests among multifunction printers (MFP) in its price range. On our speed tests, it produced just over eight pages of monochrome text, four pages of colour graphics, and just over six PowerPoint slides per minute.

The Photosmart C410a also produced 1.35 10x15cm photos per minute; we think anything over one 10x15cm photo per minute is respectable. The printer's speed does not come at the expense of quality. It produced crisp, dark black text, whereas colour graphics and photos exhibited accurate colours, though we found that copies of photos come out slightly blurry. That said, we recommend simply reprinting a photo from its digital source if you need another copy.

Speed tests
(Longer bars indicate better performance)
Black text (ppm) Colour graphics (ppm) Photo (ppm) Presentation (ppm)
Epson WorkForce 840
HP Photosmart Premium C410a
Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901
Canon Pixma MG6129
HP Photosmart D110a

HP offers a standard warranty on the C410a plus online support at its website that features online classes, FAQs, driver downloads and troubleshooting tips.


For a home office that needs copy, scan and fax functions, the HP Photosmart Premium C410a offers crisp speeds and output. Its low-capacity paper tray limits its appeal for high-volume offices, but HP's ePrint and AirPrint features make it a worthwhile option for home users.


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"Can't find any good points give me back my Canon"

Opsas1 posted a review   

The Good:Wireless can be useful

The Bad:Enormous use of ink, slow, constantly calibrating

I would never buy this printer again. I rarely print anything, especially photos (so fault is mine for buying a photosmart) but every third time I need to print work docs it's out of ink - all 5 cartidges including photo. I print draft black and white so find this ridiculous The apps are useless and the rinter is slow.


BevD posted a comment   

The colour printing is hopeless! Black suits are printed blue, and I get lines across the print - terrible for photos. I'm about to throw mine out.

AndrewN2 Facebook

"The reviewer was right about everything except for the good and bad points"

AndrewN2 posted a review   

The Good:$160 now at most retailers makes the purchase price very affordable, scanning is amazing considering the price but comes at a massive cost to autonomy (refer below), airprint and eprint functionality is better than some $20,000 devices on the market

The Bad:Buy a full set of replacement ink cartridges in a standard size will cost you the same as the printer itself, the printer sucks ink at a mind-blowing rate if not set to 'draft' output which is barely useful even for one's self let alone to convey to another, scanning and most of the more technical functions require a PC literally within reach of the device bc you will need to refer to your monitor in the scan process

Overall the reviewer I feel got it right bc I've owned one for a year. The pre-installed apps are useless...but who cares...if you have an iphone you will love eprint and airprint. that said, the reviewer completely missed the mark with the good and bad points...so refer below:

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User Reviews / Comments  HP Photosmart Premium C410a

  • Opsas1



    "I would never buy this printer again. I rarely print anything, especially photos (so fault is mine for buying a photosmart) but every third time I need to print work docs it's out of ink - all 5 ca..."

  • BevD


    "The colour printing is hopeless! Black suits are printed blue, and I get lines across the print - terrible for photos. I'm about to throw mine out."

  • AndrewN2



    "Overall the reviewer I feel got it right bc I've owned one for a year. The pre-installed apps are useless...but who cares...if you have an iphone you will love eprint and airprint. that said, the r..."

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