HTC could launch next flagship phone in March

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The HTC One — the company's current flagship smartphone — was launched in February 2013.

Initial rumours suggested that the replacement, codenamed M8 (which we assume is pronounced 'em eight' rather than the more Aussie 'mate'), would be revealed in February. But now @evleaks is saying that the M8 is more likely heading for a March release in New York City.

Little else is known about the device. Again, @evleaks says that the M8 looks remarkably like its predecessor, while the Boy Genius Report has found documentation suggesting that a dual SIM version of the M8 is on the cards.

Also coming from BGR are some alarming reports about what HTC will actually call the device. Currently, it looks like the official name will be the HTC One 2, although the HTC One + also looks like a contender.

HTC has a bad history of confusingly-named phone models, as evidenced by how many of its previous handsets had the words 'HTC One' in their titles. With it likely that compact and phablet versions of the new flagship are in the works, we're not sure that having consumers pick between the HTC One Mini and the HTC One 2 Mini isn't going to cause a few headaches in retail.

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