HTC Desire vs. Samsung Galaxy S

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You have explored all of your options and you've decided Android is the operating system for you, but now you don't know which of the top-shelf handsets to spend your money on.

We've seen stacks of exciting new smartphones this year, but the two handsets that definitely stand out are the HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy S. Both phones run Android version 2.1, access the Android Market for app downloads and ship with the full suite of Google apps. So which of these beasts is right for you? Get the fire department standing by, this showdown is going to get hot.

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some random posted a comment   

the desire was best phone of 2010 so suck on that samsung


marx posted a comment   

i cant believe they thought that the htc was better ive got a galaxy s and just the other day i tried the htc at a dealer and it was so much worse than the samsung


elusiverick posted a comment   

The HTC website is the source of new software downloads, soon to bring HD recording & better internal data storage management & who knows what in the future ?!?


Jeddy posted a comment   

I'm assuming that the Desire is more durable seeing as it's made of aluminium and the Galaxy is plastic.


Captivated posted a comment   

My first Desire carked it after a week. It went away for reairs and never came backm=, however the dealers senst a new one a few days later. I am giving this one to my wife. Loads of toys but no practical apps for business.


TariqU posted a reply   

Captivated, can you point to a phone that does have good collection of business apps?

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