HTC HD2 exclusive to Telstra for $829

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HTC today joined forces with Telstra and Microsoft to launch its HD2 handset in Australia, announcing a timed exclusive to the telco and a lower than expected price tag of AU$829 outright.

HTC HD2 Telstra

Foxtel TV on the HD2.
(Credit: HTC)

Telstra will sell the HTC HD2 through its stores and website from today, shipping unlocked handsets when purchased outright, or offering the phone on 24-month contracts starting from AU$80 per month. The HD2 is available exclusively through Telstra until 31 March.

This handset continues an ongoing partnership between HTC and Telstra to bring Microsoft Windows Mobile handsets to the market, and follows other HTC handsets released exclusive on the Next G network including the Touch Pro2 from July and the original HTC Touch HD this time last year.

The HD2 expands on the successful formula of last year's HD, with the touchscreen now at 4.3 inches diagonally and making use of capacitive touchscreen technology; a first for a Windows Mobile device. Alongside a range of business tools, the HD2 also sports impressive consumer features including a 5-megapixel camera, Foxtel TV and a 16GB microSD included in the sales kit.

Its AU$829 price tag is a far cry from the hefty RRPs of previous HTC products. Both the Touch Pro2 and Touch HD handsets, for example, debuted with AU$1499 outright prices attached.

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william posted a comment   

Anyone know when optus is getting this on a plan? Cheers


ShanaM posted a comment   

i currentley own this phone and i some what hate it with a passion! it is somewhat difficult to use i have had this phone since a bit before christmas and only now have i gotten used to it, it looks amazing it really does quite techy haha but im the typw of person who loves to use my phone as a camera and if u want to take one it is kinda difficult to use especially if you want to take a pic with some one else!

setting a personal ringtone is kinda difficult to use also, and i have only just figured out the other day how to listen to my music on this darn contraption.

it is amazing to check your emails, chat, check your facebook or twitter on the go if you are close to a wifi! thats 1 thing i LOVE about this phone it very good socially and internet wise,

also if you receive a phone call you dont need to worry about accidentally hanging up because your ear hit the end key, the screen turns black and sorta locks when you move it up to your ear and lights up when you pull away AMAZING coz on my previous phone i hung up on quite a few people lol

well that is my views on this phone.....i plan to sell it!


Bomber posted a comment   

Dont buy this phone if you like good reception outside of any sux. Sit this phone next to a Nokia and full reception on the Nok and no reception on HTC.


Pip posted a comment   

For those interested, i picked up one today at jb hifi for $829 unlocked with the telstra program, they still have them


BaZooKa posted a comment   

Its the 22nd of Feb now and wanted to know if Telstra are still selling the HTC HD2 UNLOCKED for the outright price of $829 because i want o use an Optus Pre-Paid sim card. Thanks


Liam posted a comment   

Plenty of stores sell it outright, the Australian Telstra version and the international grey imported version.

Telstra version -
International version -


phil posted a comment   

unfortunately have to continue with my tytn11 until hutchinson 3 get supply who could beleive rip off telstra could get an exclusive again HTC dont seem to want to sell many phones


Tony posted a comment   

what a shame. The rip off phone company had to get it first :(


Roger posted a comment   

I hope to soon read comments posted from people who actually own the phone, who review features that they have actually used.


Greg posted a comment   

I went down to my local Telstra "T store" today to buy new HD2, and was advised that they had sold out. I asked when stock would next arrive and was told good news, and bad news .

Good news : should be back in stock later this week

Bad news : Telstra (at Tuggeranong ACT) will be not be selling phone except on $80 per month plan over 2 years.

This saddens me a little, as, although I have been a Telstra Mobile customer for over 10 years I refuse to sign up to such a plan, simply because I change (HTC) phones so often. I think this store policy is probably a breach of Australia's Fair trading laws which makes me question the integrity of the sales staff at Telstra.

I also checked with JB Hi-Fi at Woden, who advised that they have sold the one and only phone they got, and they don't know when new stock will be in.

Guess I will have to wait a bit longer....

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