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Seamus Byrne and Joe Hanlon take a closer look at the HTC One X in this week's Review Report.

Review Report is part of CNET Australia's weekly tech show, CNET TV. If you'd like to learn more, you can find the full, detailed review of the One X here, and a comparison with the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S III here.

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cnetreader posted a comment   

I got an HTC One X the other day and it's great...the features and design is amazing! But there's one problem..when i uploaded songs with Chinese titles onto it, half of their titles appear on the phone, the other half are all in question marks. Can this be fixed?


teamjet posted a comment   

Battery that cant make it through a normal day? Doesn't sound like a phone that I want! My current HTC Incredible S needs charging most nights [or the next morning at work]. I can handle this, but I dont want to charge once in the morning and also over night. Any more info on the the battery life of the One X?

I remember the days of my old Nokia 3210 - used to last all week - but it didnt have a quad core, 4in display, web browsing etc... hah

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