HTC One XL on Telstra 4G network from 5 June

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Telstra and HTC will again join forces for an exclusive smartphone launch, with the 4G-ready One XL handset to launch in Australia on 5 June.

A frame taken from Telstra's One XL demo video on YouTube.
(Screenshot by CBSi)

Prices for this latest Telstra handset start at AU$65 per month, including an AU$6 handset repayment on an AU$59 Freedom Connect plan. The phone is also available for AU$3 per month on an AU$90 Telstra Business Plan. Customers can pre-order the phone now, with Telstra hoping to fill these orders from 1 June. The first 300 customers to pre-order will also receive Beats Solo headphones valued at AU$279.

The One XL is a 4G variant of the One X smartphone already on sale through Optus, Vodafone, Crazy Johns, Virgin Mobile, Telechoice and Allphones, as well as many online stores. To accommodate the 4G-networking hardware, this newer version forgoes the quad-core Nvidia processor in the original, with a dual-core 1.5GHz processor in its place. This is one of the few differences, though, with the One XL making use of the same HD-resolution display and 8-megapixel camera.

June will be a busy month for the telcos, with several major releases already pencilled in for the month. Nokia announced the latest in its Lumia Windows Phone range two weeks ago, and Samsung is also expected to launch its flagship smartphone this week, with a launch event planned in Sydney on Thursday morning.

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ras0406 posted a comment   

I'm due for an upgrade (HTC Desire contract with Telstra ended Feb 2012) and am waiting to see what June holds. I'm currently using an iiNet (iiNet uses the Optus network) SIM for $20 per month but the reception, 3G coverage and network congestion is appalling. So I'm considering switching back to Telstra and the upcoming 4G phones are very tempting. I work in Sydney CBD and live in Parramatta CBD so I will have 4G access at work and at home. The XL @ $65/month is very intriguing and I'm looking forward to seeing how it compares with the S3 when it is released. Jo, are there any other phones to look for in the next couple of months?


BrendanC2 posted a comment   

Shouldn't it be $65 a month, inclusive of a $6 handset fee?


Will1505 posted a comment   

Jo, you forgot to mention that the dual-core S4 is probably the best processor on the market atm. Better graphics and way better power management


Joseph Hanlon posted a reply   

I'm not sure I forgot to mention it. ;) I'm looking forward to testing it out for myself. I'll have the One X, One XL and GS3 in the office at the same time, so we'll see what we see.


Pabrinex posted a reply   

Can you confirm it is the Qualcomm S4 processor like the US LTE variant?

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