HTC Sense 4.1 reportedly faster with better battery life

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A leaked ROM for the HTC One X featuring HTC's Sense UI version 4.1 is in the hands of bloggers, who have reported that the update brings a big bump in speed and is much more power efficient than the software seen on the HTC One X at launch.

(Credit: HTC)

According to Geeksaber, the new HTC ROM delivers a 20 per cent performance boost, evident in the results produced before and after the ROM's installation in the Quadrant benchmark tool, available through the Google Play store.

"New, blazing-fast kernel. We mean it. It scored a pretty impressive 5900+ in Quadrant benchmark (compared to 5100+ on Sense 4)," wrote Geeksaber.

Perhaps more impressive, and arguably more important, the same post points to a significant improvement in battery life, with the One X capable of "5-hour plus screen-on time" with the new ROM. This is something we'd be happy to see for ourselves, after the One X managed only 3-hours and 20-minutes of Wi-Fi web browsing in our own tests in the CNET labs.

Geeksaber reported numerous other tweaks and fixes too, including the addition of a Tabs switching button in the web browser, and the removal of the 3D-like effects across homescreen navigation.

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treeboy1 posted a comment   

Any news on when it is available as a HTC update?


LeeS1 posted a reply   

Optus has nothing on website -here is what the online rep told me:
Thank you for choosing Optus. Please wait for an Optus Representative to respond. You are currently number 1 in the queue. You should be connected to an agent in approximately 0 minutes.

You are now chatting with 'Devesh'

Devesh: Hi there! Welcome to Optus Web Chat. How can I help you today?

lee: Hi,

Devesh: Hello.

lee: when will I get Jellybean update for my HTC One X?

Devesh: Do you want to update your phone?

lee: no.

lee: it is the android operating system update, currently called Ice Cream sanwich


LeeS1 posted a reply   

& the new version is called Jellybean

Devesh: Okay, I see.

Devesh: let me check.

lee: cheers

Devesh: :)

Devesh: May I have your number please?

lee: xx

Devesh: Thank you.

Devesh: As I have check that, the updates are yet to be awaited.

Devesh: We have not recieved any updates about the same.

Devesh: however you can check on the Optus website for more details or you can visit the nearest Yes Optus store.

lee: righto chief, the website is crap. no information what so ever.

lee: thanks any way

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