HTC Touch Diamond lands Down Under

HTC has announced the Australian availability of the Touch Diamond in Sydney today, with the phone set to hit these shores between the end of July and early August.

The phone will be exclusive to Telstra, with a recommended retail price of AU$999, or at no upfront cost on an AU$80 Telstra phone plan for 24 months.

The Touch Diamond will be advertised as having 7.2Mbps upload speed and 3.2Mbps download speed. However, when asked about the network speeds consumers could expect, Ross Fielding, executive director of product management for Telstra, said average speeds will be "around 3 [Mbps]".

Like all HTC phones to date, the Touch Diamond will run on Windows Mobile. Although, the Touch Diamond will sport an HTC-developed user interface on top of the operating system, named TouchFLO 3D, which will feature 3D icons.

Despite running on Windows Mobile 6.1, the default Web browser in the Touch Diamond is Opera 9.5. Speaking at the launch of the device today, communications sector director Kevin Brough said he saw IE and Opera as "equally as good".

The phone also features 640x480, 2.8-inch VGA display; Bluetooth; Wi-Fi; a 3.2-megapixel camera; and 4GB of flash memory; while GPS in the device will integrate with Telstra services such as Sensis and Foxtel mobile TV.

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0431138734 posted a comment   

HTC Touch Diamond lands Down Under
680 $


THILINA posted a comment   



bchau posted a comment   

Bewildered, HTC has another version of Touch Diamond. Check out their australian site. The australian version has 850 MHz. I have also spoken to Telstra to confirm that is the case.


Ella Morton posted a comment   

Opera Mobile 9.5 definitely means Opera Mobile 9.5! Check out the official site for confirmation:


Bewildered posted a comment   

BChau - This device operates on 900 & 2100 (3G) not 850mhz? What's the use of purchasing it on Telstra? You are aware if you're out of the major Oz cities you won't have 3G access.

Alex this is a poor and incomplete report. Whatever happen to decent journalism? You're so far off the mark with this report. Opera 8.5?


TechGermz posted a comment   

As per the Opera website, the latest browser version for Win-Mobile based phones is 8.65. How can the Touch-Diamond be running Opera 9.5? Is it a special port of their current 9.5 Desktop-Browser, or is it a mistake in the article?


Sydney_Sider posted a comment   

I bought one from HK via ebay for around $700 + $25 shipping. It works just dandy on Optus 3G. I stream youtube in real time with no lag on HSPDA. Optus have a 1GB plan for $20.

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