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HTC's Touch Dual is an excellent PDA smartphone that makes up for absent features with its pocket-friendly profile.

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We've seen several Windows Mobile smartphones in the last couple of weeks, the i-mate Ultimate 6150 and 8150, the 3G update to Palm's Treo 500M, as well as the HTC TyTN II. All of these handsets are larger than average mobile phones ranging from the slightly wider Treo 500 to the almost-enormous i-mates. With the Touch Dual, HTC has managed to trim the design down to a pocket-friendly 107mm long, 55mm wide and a 17mm depth. Also, at a total weight of 120 grams including the battery, the Touch Dual feels noticeably lighter than the competition.

On first impressions, the Touch Dual is really quite an attractive, if unassuming, handset. The large 2.6-inch QVGA touchscreen is framed by a muted black rubber body, with the five-way nav button, side trimming and back-facing camera set in stainless steel. Under the slide the keypad lays flush and consists of well spaced plastic keys. A rather short stainless steel stylus lives in the top right hand corner of the Touch Dual -- and for the sake of nitpicking, we'd love to have seen the stylus extend to twice its size; currently it's only slightly longer than a toothpick.

All inputs, be it for charging, data transfers or headphones, go into the micro USB port on the side of the phone. And while this single input is becoming a standard feature on PDAs, this means you'll have to plan ahead for when you want to charge the phone or use your hands-free because you won't be able to do both at once. On the opposite side of the Dual is a Micro SD card slot for expanding the shared 256MB of internal flash memory. All in all it's a compact and streamlined unit.

Those familiar with HTC's modified Windows Mobile 6 interface will be immediately in their element with the Touch Dual. Similar to the interface seen in the Touch and the TyTN II, the modifications to the standard WM6 include a series of shortcuts on the main standby screen for quick access to messaging, call log, current weather details and a customisable launcher for adding application shortcuts, as well as an overhaul of the visual aesthetic.

Of coarse, these modifications don't affect the usual array of pre-loaded business apps included with Windows Mobile. There's the standard Mobile Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), calendars, contacts, a world clock, a voice recorder, MSN messenger, and the list goes on. In regards to e-mail the Touch Dual supports all common e-mail protocols and push e-mail for Outlook clients.

Making WM6 cool in any way is a feat of titanic proportions and HTC have managed this, to an extent, with the funky TouchFlo interactive menu system that we first encountered on the HTC Touch. A swipe of your finger from the bottom of the screen to the top launches the "spinning cube" style menu. Once launched a similar sweeping motion across the screen rotates the menu "cube" for access to quick contacts, multimedia galleries, and more applications. Prepare for your colleagues to be begging with you to have a play.

The Touch Dual is a world roaming quad-band 3G GSM device, which is handy for the travelling business-person. Data connections are made with HSDPA compatibility with a 3.6Mbps maximum download speed. Unlike the TyTN II there's no Wi-Fi or GPS built into the Touch Dual but the compensation is, of coarse, its slim profile.

On the back of the handset you'll find the lens of the onboard 2-megapixel CMOS camera that features auto-focus but no flash. The photos we took looked pretty good, bright and colourful, but predictably soft-focused. However, if you reading this review we're guessing an amazing camera is probably not as high on your list of priorities as the Dual's business sensibilities.

The Touch Dual has double the processing power of the original Touch, with a 400MHz processor and 128MB RAM. Even still, Windows Mobile is a power-hungry resource, and we found the interface to be a little bit laggy in responding to our inputs. This isn't to say we had difficulty using the Touch Dual, just that the processing and rendering performance is slower than we saw in the zippy i-mate Ultimate 6150, another Windows Mobile smartphone.

Web browsing is a joy with HSDPA speed behind it, although, Internet Explorer Mobile is far from the best or fastest Mobile Web browser. Of course, the beauty of Windows Mobile is the ability to hunt down useful applications online and install them as you would on a PC. Once we had Opera Mobile installed we were much happier, and we grabbed Google Maps while we were at it.

HTC has employed an impressive 1,350 mAh battery in the Touch Dual and have estimate 4.5 hours continuous talk time and approximately 13 days standby. During our tests we saw just over four days during charge cycles with moderate use of calls, messaging and Web browsing.

While the Touch Dual looks and feels like a consumer handset, the strengths and weaknesses of its various features points it directly at the business sector. The Dual can take pictures and play media but the current incarnation of Windows Mobile is way too dull to attract a wider market, even with TouchFlo to spice it up.

The Touch Dual is the perfect smartphone for a business person who can do without features like GPS and Wi-Fi but still wants the strong business functionality of Windows Mobile. It makes a great alternative for people looking at the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 but who were turned off by the less-than-ideal 2.5G data speeds.

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Tigger posted a review   

The Good:Not much

The Bad:quality, speed, service

The biggest mistake was getting a Touch Dual. After 12 months, the screen failed and HTC refunsed to repair or replace the item even though it was 2 weeks out of warranty. A new screen cost $120 and I cannot wait to get rid of this dog of a phone. it is slow and clunky; crashes/freezes often; and the screen is beginning to fail again. the biggest disappointment was HTC themselves - they claim to be a quality manufacturer but they will not stand by their products so close to coming out of warranty. never again will I even consider buying HTC


RyZa posted a review   

The Good:Not Sure Yet.

The Bad:Not Sure Yet, But If There Are Any Im Sure They Will Be Small.

Im Getting This Phone In 3 Days I Cant Wait... It Will Be My First WM Phone


matin.shoghi posted a review   

The Good: * Slim, well-designed slider
* HSDPA data speeds
* Funky TouchFlo interface

The Bad: * No Wi-Fi or GPS
* Interface can be laggy
* Tiny stylus

I'm getting this in two days. I cant wait. I researched so much and at the end, this phone kills any other phone.


Maqousi posted a review   

The Good:Light, fast, many application on the web to choose from and load it on the phone
Light weight, very responsive, Great camera, Responsive Screen. Contact list excellent as you can create as many groups as you want. Fonts are sizable where it gives you the ability to view 10ns of contacts at the time. Sync speed is excellent. Had it for over six months and still vey happy


I had many Smart phones before like Imate, Samsung 790, and more. This phone by far exceeds and out preformed all listed.


JiveTurkey posted a review   

The Good:This thing is PACKED with features! WM6, SDHC [reads my 8 GB card :)], TouchFLO, HTCHome 2, TouchCube, PHONE KEYPAD! 2G and 3G!

The Bad:Predictive text can't be customised or turned off. Automatically goes to Today screen when screen turns on. TouchFLO doesn't work in Pocket e-Sword. Most of the HTC software is useless. A few other things that can be fixed with 3rd-party software ;)

My 3rd PDA/phone and by far the best. Wi-Fi and GPS would be nice, but considering the price it's understandable why they're not included.


sickovit posted a review   

The Good:Small???

The Bad:Where do I start
Contacts menu is too cumbersome it lists contacts twice. you have to keep reseting the speed dials . phone lock doesn't work all the time. Hangs up on calls when you move the slidder. Will not disconect from a previous call therefore blocking all calls you have to take the battery out. Bluetooth turns itself off. Flight mode turns itself on.

This is not a good phone, it's ok for email retreval but if you are looking for a phone to make calls as well, don't bother


Ash posted a review   

The Good:Compact.
Great touch flo application
Simple to use.
Great business buddy.

The Bad:Occasional any PDA.

My third PDA and best by far. 6 months later.....still of that opinion.
Great functionality and ease of use.
Highly recommended

rocky lover

rocky lover posted a review   

The Good:stylish slim and cool,well function

The Bad:no wifi

overall its a good pda .in fact its a quite friendly used pda when u have used to it.


ScooterGirlFly posted a review   

The Good:Fast internet.
Not too bulky
TouchFlo interface is lovely.
Fun features on TODAY screen.

The Bad:-Less than ONE DAY battery when using moderate phone, internet and music
-Slide out became loose and worn out VERY quickly and was unnecessary to begin with.
-Random crashes
-Top of screen randomly disappears when certain programs opened and not returned
-Camera takes poor color, light, and slow shutter makes for blur.
-contact list shows SIM contacts and handset contacts (needed for full profile info like email address) so everything appears doubled (no way of changing this)
- easy to use Touchflow sends you to fiddly little menus before you can use things like sms
- predictive txt has to be turned on EACH time you want to use it, can't be set as default.

- I could go on and on......

Loved it when I first got it. 2 months later I want my money back. It's a good over all phone with SO MANY little niggling things that p**s you off after a while that you just get sick of it.

When the screen cracked whilst it was IN MY HAND that was the last straw. I just don't want it anymore.

<a href=>hp ipaq 514</a>

hp ipaq 514 posted a review   

The Good:Decent talk time.
Solid construction.
User-friendly interface.

The Bad:Nothing.

Are we talk about double touch feature > ? like in PC's double click. Sounds good. I like to buy this cell phone but this is very costly. Although its all features are great and efficient.

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User Reviews / Comments  HTC Touch Dual

  • Tigger



    "The biggest mistake was getting a Touch Dual. After 12 months, the screen failed and HTC refunsed to repair or replace the item even though it was 2 weeks out of warranty. A new screen cost $120 ..."

  • RyZa



    "Im Getting This Phone In 3 Days I Cant Wait... It Will Be My First WM Phone"

  • matin.shoghi



    "I'm getting this in two days. I cant wait. I researched so much and at the end, this phone kills any other phone. "

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