HTC unveils 4G-ready One X+

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HTC has bested its recent efforts in the One-series family, unveiling a 4G upgrade known as the One X+ with a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 chip under the hood.

(Credit: HTC)

The handset will also receive a significant increase in internal storage, with a 64GB option added to the already available 32GB model. Despite the changes in hardware, the One X+ will maintain the same physical size as the One X handset seen earlier in the year, and only add 5 grams to the overall weight.

There will be two versions available, depending on the carrier networks; a 4G version and an HSPA+ version. The Tegra 3 chip provides a quad-core processor, clocked to an impressive 1.7GHz.

Perhaps the most important change is that HTC will increase the size of the battery compared with the earlier models up to 2100mAh capacity — or the same battery size used by Samsung in the Galaxy S3.

There's been no word yet on local availability, but we'll update this article if we hear any news from the Aussie telcos. If you want to catch up on HTC's latest releases, check out our reviews of the One X and One XL.

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HoneyB posted a comment   

Correction: It should have been "HTC One X+".


HoneyB posted a comment   

HTC has removed the page about the HTC One X from the HTC Australia website because they don't know if and when it will be available on the Australian market. The page first appeared on the website yesterday and was quickly withdrawn.


ras0406 posted a comment   

Nice upgrades. But I only got the One XL a few months ago. It's not a nice feeling buying a top of the range phone and then finding that the same manufacturer released the model it should have originally released only a short time after the purchase. If this is released in Australian in the next couple of months I will not be a happy HTC customer. I'd expect companies to wait at least one year before making their top of the line model obsolete.


DonIsGood posted a comment   

I hope I am wrong but pretty sure the One X is incompatible to LTE Band 3 (1800Hz); hence it won't be able to take advantage of Aussie 4G networks... bummer!


Will1505 posted a reply   

The X LTE has a Qualcomm MDM9215 modem in it. This modem can apparently be tuned to any LTE/4G frequency so it might work here.


Brendamnit posted a comment   

The HTC One XL was brilliant for me, except the awful battery life. Here's hoping HTC has worked something to content with the Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5. AND to be released quickly!


LinN posted a comment   

Would have been nice to have removable storage added.

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