HTC Windows Phone 8X vs. Nokia Lumia 920

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Look closely at our picture of the Nokia and HTC Windows Phones side by side. You'll probably have to scan for the brand name to tell them apart. To really spot the differences, you'll have to look below the surface.

(Credit: CBS Interactive)

Spec HTC 8X Nokia Lumia 920
Display 4.3-inch Super LCD 2
4.5-inch PureMotion HD Plus
4G, NFC Yes Yes
Processor 1.5GHz dual-core
Qualcomm Snapdragon S4
1.5GHz dual-core
Qualcomm Snapdragon S4
Weight and thickness 130g
Cameras 8MP rear
2.1MP front
8.7MP rear
1MP front
Memory 16GB
Battery 1800mAh 2000mAh
Extras Beats Audio Wireless charging
Dolby Audio

Charging ahead

Battery power and how you charge it make up two of the big advantages that Nokia has in this battle. Not only does Nokia include a larger 2000mAh capacity battery, but the Lumia 920 also features Qi wireless charging, which lets you refuel on a number of compatible charging surfaces by simply placing your phone down.

In truth, the first part of this equation is probably more important than the second. Wireless charging will be an unused gimmick by most Lumia owners until the prevalence of charging pads increases exponentially, but a bigger battery is not something to ignore. The Lumia's bigger screen may negate this advantage somewhat, but overall, we are expecting better battery performance from the Nokia phone.

Windows, literally

Though the Lumia 920 has the larger display, we are inclined to call this a draw on paper. Both companies have an excellent reputation for display quality, and both are using IPS LCD panels, with a little proprietary magic on top. HTC's Super LCD 2 is the same technology that we raved about when we reviewed the One X earlier in the year, and should hold its own beside the PureMotion HD panel in Nokia's phone.

The difference in the screen sizes does mean that the HTC has a higher pixels-per-inch (ppi) ratio, although we seriously doubt that you'll be able to spot this difference with the naked eye, especially in everyday use.


Media lovers who are looking for the phone with the largest internal storage will be easily swayed by Nokia's 32GB of storage versus HTC's less generous 16GB.

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anphong posted a comment   

Am I right or wrong? The HTC 8X 4.3" is NOT the competitor to the Nokia Lumia 920 4.5".
The HTC Elation 4.7" is the competitor to the Lumia 920 4.5"!



anphong posted a reply   

Btw, the HTC Elation 4.7" also has 32 GB RAM and a 2000 mAH battery to match the Nokia Lumia 920.

However, it seems that the Samsung Ativ S with a 4.7/4.8" AMOLED and 32 GB RAM with a micro SD card slot is the very best???


JosefH posted a comment   

This is turning up to be a really hard decision. I love the look of the 8X as well as the 920 and I prefer the smaller screen size of the 8X. I love Nokia's exclusive apps and offerings but HTC and Nokia both have excellent history for build quality. I think at this point, the only thing swaying my decision is the smaller storage space avaliable on the 8X, if they bump that up with 32 and 64GB models then I may be swayed but until that happens I think I will be going with the Nokia. As an additional note, I think the 900 had the perfet dimensions in regards to screen size, button position and weight/thickness. The 920 seems a bit too large :/ but in a smackdown between the 820 and 8X I will definitely choose the latter


Gotcha posted a comment   

Quick note on Audio - always overlooked.

In my experience to date, Dolby is a much nicer sound compared to Beats. If you have a good pair of headphones, Dolby is the way. If your headphones are rubbish, the 'over the top' beats profile is great for boosting bass and treble.

Also - City Lens from Nokia. Could actually be very useful if the data is well populated and up to date.


Andrew1953 posted a comment   

Expotentially? Uh oh spellcheck! Really starting to like the look of the Lumia 920 now my N9 is on borrowed time. The only major gripe I have is the lack of a micro SD card to expand memory. Hope it gets to Oz soon.not worried about the weight.

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