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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

HTC working on a gaming tablet?

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The HTC Flyer with an OnLive controller.
(Credit: CBSi)

HTC is rumoured to be benchmarking new hardware with a 1080p screen and powerful graphics processing. Could this be the OnLive-powered gaming device we've been waiting for?

According to, a codenamed HTC6435 appeared in the online results table of the GLBenchmark app, reporting a 1794x1080 pixel display. Better yet, it creamed the benchmark, scoring a strong 121 frames per second. The combination of the higher-resolution screen and the benchmark results is fuelling speculation that this new device will run on a new, faster chipset. Boy Genius Report has suggested that this could be the Qualcomm MSM8960T with an updated Adreno 320 graphics component.

Pocketlint sees this information as pointing to a new tablet, adding that PC Advisor had recently received confirmation from an HTC spokesperson that the company will "definitely" ship a new tablet in the near future.

A tablet makes more sense, given the information at hand. Adding more pixels to a device the size of a smartphone would add little value for users, even if it earned HTC the bragging rights of having produced the first 1080p phone display. Perhaps HTC plans to get in on the phablet-size category, which Samsung has had quite a bit of success in so far with its Galaxy Note — a phone that has sold more than 5 million units worldwide.

But what if this is the device to showcase HTC's investment in the OnLive gaming service? The phone maker last year announced a US$40 million investment in the gaming service, but is yet to produce a commercial product that takes advantage of this investment. OnLive is focused on cloud-based gaming, offering a subscription service that streams games to gamers over the air, allowing the latest AAA titles to be played on machines with less power than is required to play them locally.

HTC's next device definitely seems to have the graphics power to handle an OnLive stream. Paired with a dedicated controller, this could be the next big thing in mobile gaming.


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Im Batman posted a comment   

Seems a bit contradictory... powerful graphics capabilities to run cloud based games...but i am sure it will be both. They showed that their Flyer tablet was capable of the OnLive Job.

Not sure who this is more important for, HTC or OnLive.
HTC wants to prove they can do a compelling tablet and need to show they can after that Microsoft report saying that HTC have not been included in the tablet OEM shortlist.
OnLive need to show something... real. They have talked alot of promise and potential, but i don't think we have really seen anything from it.

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