Huawei Ideos X3

Huawei puts forward a very respectable low-end device in the Ideos X3, but its nearest competitors have a couple of extra features worth considering.

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User Reviews / Comments  Huawei Ideos X3

  • ChrisP2


    "This phone is an absolute peice of crap.. the keypad is totally useless, there should be a law stopping them from selling crap like this."

  • KIKI556



    "Hi, thanks for the review - I bought this phone on the strength of this. It is my first Android phone, so I don't really have anything to compare it with, but it seems pretty good. Buyers note, the..."

  • Pining


    "Why not a story on the Galaxy S2 4G or S2 with ICS? Compare them to what is currently out there."

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