Huawei Ideos

With a rich feature set and a great user experience, the Ideos raises the bar for smartphones — not just budget models, but also those that cost five times as much.

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User Reviews / Comments  Huawei Ideos

  • davidharris74


    "itnot te worst phone but a companie being born I would like to know id this companies make sim packs mirco and larger"

  • rhino68



    "This is without a doubt the worst phone i have ever used on a scale of 1-10 i would generously give it 0.5. it is technically a cheap phone to buy, but works out expensive as you will either throw..."

  • ThulaniM


    "The good....very cheap

    The bad....its worth the price

    The phone is to small,the software does not work well.Some apps dont work."

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