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iPads will more often be seen at the centre of team time-outs. (Credit: Pam Carroll/CNET)

Millions of Australians spend their weekends playing and coaching all kinds of team sports — that hasn't changed for ages, nor is it likely to. But what has changed so rapidly in the past year is the number of coaches abandoning their old whiteboards and coloured markers for iPads and the bucket load of apps that make their jobs much easier.

Here we round up the best coaching apps for the iPad to keep track of plays, rosters and all kinds of stats. We've focused on apps for basketball (disclosure: the author's son is currently playing on three basketball teams), but most developers adapt their offerings for multiple sports, so on each page, you'll find links to the same app tailored for rugby, soccer, netball, field hockey, tennis, water polo, or whatever.

We can't say we've tested each one and produced winning teams, but these apps are currently the most fully-featured available at fairly reasonable prices. Android users, there are quite a few coaching apps out there for you too, and we'll do a round-up specifically for you in coming months as more new Android tablets enter the Australian market.

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apollo555 posted a comment   

Fantastic............a heap of Basketball coaching apps! Not what the heading says, that is, apps for coaches.

Shouldn't the AUS version of the site have something besides Basketball apps!


Pam Carroll posted a reply   

Maybe this wasn't presented clearly enough, but each of these apps are developed for multiple sports, which are listed and linked to at the bottom of each page. For example, if you're looking for soccer apps, see Soccer Clipboard HD (p2), Playbook for Soccer (p3), iPlaybook Soccer (p4) and Soccer Whiteboard (p7). You'll find apps for other "Aussie" sports like rugby and netball too. Hope this helps.


Js8158 posted a comment   

Awesome! I can't believe that something like this was posted on cnet

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