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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Human anatomy as a Tube map

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(Credit: Sam Loman)

An illustration reimagines the human body as a railway map.

If you've ever travelled on Australia's rail systems, you know the kind of map we mean: lots of straight, coloured lines that aren't geographically accurate as such, but that let you know roughly where the stations are in relation to each other, with the colours denoting which railway line they're on.

It's based on the Tube map developed for the London Underground, just to give credit where it's due.

Designer Sam Loman created a map of the human body based on the same design. Called Underskin, it uses Tube map colour codification to identify the various systems of the body, making it easy to understand what goes where.

You can purchase it from Redbubble as a poster (and view it full size) here.


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