Human Element prequel is the first exclusive Ouya game

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The first title designed specifically for the Android-based gaming console Ouya has been announced.

(Credit: Ouya)

Robotoki will deliver an episodic prequel to Human Element for the console, which will lead up to the eventual release of the game in 2015. In a video on the project's Kickstarter page, the president of Robotoki, Robert Bowling, told of his excitement at the collaboration, having personally donated US$10,000 to the Ouya project when it was first announced.

In his announcement, Bowling said that Robotoki will "work with the Ouya team and bring you an exclusive episodic look at the world, as it develops and collapses over the course of the event happening".

Ouya has well and truly exceeded its initial funding goal of US$950,000 to develop the console, and at the time of writing, it sits at pledges totalling US$5.19 million. It has also kept its backers in the loop by updating its Kickstarter page fairly frequently, with news pertaining to the project.

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