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Humble Bundle has launched the Humble Double Fine Bundle, a package of excellent games from Tim Schafer.

(Credit: Humble Bundle)

If you've not discovered the wonder that is Tim Schafer's Double Fine Productions, for two weeks, Humble Bundle is offering you the chance to do so in its very own, wallet-friendly fashion. The bundle features five of Double Fine's most popular games for PC, Mac and Linux, and as usual, you can choose to donate part or all of the proceeds to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play.

The base bundle includes three games: Halloween-themed adventure RPG Costume Quest; mad platformer Psychonauts; and matryoshka-themed puzzle adventure Stacking. Paying over the average (US$8.02 at time of writing) also gets you metal-themed action adventure Brütal Legend, starring Jack Black.

This Humble Bundle is, once again, doing something different. If you pay over US$35, you also get the Kickstarter-funded point-and-click adventure Broken Age (formerly known as Double Fine Adventure), including beta access and development updates; and if you pay over US$70, you get the exclusive Humble Double Fine Bundle t-shirt.

Plus, the bundle was announced with this rather adorably awkward video. How can anyone say no? Snap it up here.

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