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Ubisoft's post-apocalyptic action game I Am Alive is finally making its way on to the PC — six months after it was released on Xbox Live.

I Am Alive is a game of exploration and survival.
(Credit: Ubisoft)

The game sees you play an unnamed survivor of an equally mysterious disaster, known only as "The Event", which has left the world in ruins. You return to your home city of Haverton, seeking out your wife and daughter.

I Am Alive was mostly well received on consoles, with reviewers praising its clever climbing mechanics and some of its innovative elements, such as the ability to bluff or intimidate opponents with an empty gun.

Ubisoft has "enhanced" the title for the PC release with higher-resolution packs and customisable graphics settings for players with more powerful PCs. The company has also added two new gameplay modes — easy mode, which is a "more forgiving" introduction to the game, and replay mode, which lets you play any completed level again to uncover more secrets or alternative paths.

The game is available from 9 September, and can be pre-ordered for AU$17.95, putting it roughly in line with the 1200MP cost on XBox Live.

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