Ice Cream Sandwich now on one in 10 Android devices

Ice Cream Sandwich is now installed on more than 10 per cent of Android devices, according to Google.

(Credit: Google)

Data collected by the search-turned-mobile giant during the 14-day period that ended yesterday shows that version 4.0 of Google's mobile operating system is now present on 10.9 per cent of all devices. The data was collected from Android devices that accessed Google Play, the Android application store, during the two-week period.

The latest stats, which come less than a week after Android 4.1 Jelly Bean was announced at the Google I/O conference, show a significant jump for Ice Cream Sandwich: a week ago, the OS was around the 7 per cent mark.

The increase of 4 percentage points could be put down to a sharp rise in device sales during the past month, which can be largely attributed to the launch of Samsung's Galaxy S III and HTC's One X.

All in all, it's taken more than eight months for Google to reach 10 per cent of the total Android base with Ice Cream Sandwich, after the OS was announced in 2011.

And while Ice Cream Sandwich is on the rise, it's the opposite story for Android 2.3 Gingerbread: the OS fell for the first time, dropping from 65 per cent to 64 per cent over the same two-week period.

Nonetheless, Gingerbread, first released in December 2010, remains the most popular Android version to date.


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shanarchi posted a comment   

Gingerbread is still the most popular because ICS is not yet released worldwide in addition to the fact that disappointingly many device manufacturers still load the OS onto new products.

And if you think about it why would they? Why not make it so that if a customer wants the new OS the only way to do this is purchase a newer model (with ICS that is 6 months old). Even when there is no reason they can't rollout the upgrade.

FWIW i like Android, but the above only shows the lack of loyalty operators have to their customers more than anything else and the need for Google, operators and carriers to work closer together.


lox429 posted a comment   

Still no ICS on Galaxy Tab 10.1 (first model).....


trebor83 posted a reply   

And given Samsung's track record there probably never will be


Will1505 posted a reply   

People keep talking about "Samsungs track record", what track record?
Upgraded the S2 to ICS within four months of it coming out. Upgraded the Note within 6 months of ICS coming out.
Motorola Razr came out at the same time as ICS did and still hasn't got a wiff of ICS. HTC desire S nothing. Pretty much all sony erricsons nothing.

Besides from the Note and the S2, all other devices that samsung have wouldn't run that well with ICS (given the way samsung configure their devices). Tabs are due for the upgrade next month.

So what track record are you talking about? Samsung and HTC are generally the fastest to get updates out however carriers drag their feet. Want a update from Sony or motorola and your waiting pretty much a year.

I got the Samsung 10.1V and only just got the 3.2 update for it however the update was available back in november, vodafone delayed it by 5 months. Samsung galaxy S2 was meant to get a 2.3.5/6 update in october last year at telstra however telstra delayed it until very late march.

What track record are you talking about again?

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