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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

iFrankenphone: the latest iPhone concept designed from rumours

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Like death and taxes, iPhone rumours are an inevitable part of our modern lives. Every year, we expect to read dozens of speculative articles, posts and tweets about what Apple may, or may not, include in the annual handset refresh — most of which turn out to be more fantasy than fact.

This year, one Apple aficionado has compiled all the rumours thus far, and turned them into a slick animation, showing what he believes Apple is likely to reveal. It includes the usual suspects; a larger screen, 4G connectivity, iOS 6 and a 12-megapixel camera. Two interesting inclusions are a physical redesign, based on the idea that Apple will employ a speaker grille around the edge of the phone, and a Thunderbolt docking port.

There is no one, except Apple employees, who could confirm how accurate this concept is, but we, at CNET Australia, are hoping he's wrong about the speakers. While the audio could sound better, this is a very ugly-looking way to achieve it.


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eDDie posted a comment   

I doubt it.
3D sound? they couldn't even go to stereo, and none of its competition is going for 12 mp except the new Xperia. I think they'll stick with 8 and just boast about how much faster it takes photos.
Screen wise, believable, touch button probably(since they're so keen on stuffing up), no way the square will be t that size.
But iPhone does always have one thing that they can show with the new iPhone to compete with the rest, something no one has done, and I don't think the quad core processer is it.
Unless everythings going downhill since Steve Jobs (R.I.P) died, they're gonna bring something, and I don't think it's in that video.
iPhone processor then retainer display, then Siri, unkown I say :P


eDDie posted a reply   

I meant the physical button tends to stuff up. Like physical buttons or not, touch buttons last longer in the long run. It's like the current joy stick of phones. The old joysticks on the sony ericsson tended to stop working eventually..

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