iiNet axes AAPT unlimited plans

AAPT customers on 24/7 unlimited plans will be shifted onto capped plans at the end of their next billing period, following the finalisation of iiNet's takeover of AAPT's consumer division on 1 October.


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After iiNet shareholders last week approved the $60 million takeover, iiNet yesterday confirmed user reports that it had begun informing customers on AAPT's unlimited 24/7 plan that it is no longer available. Customers will be required to move onto capped plans in the next few weeks.

"The first batch of letters to 24/7 Unlimited customers were in the mail that afternoon," iiNet representative Joe Selvaggi said on broadband enthusiast website Whirlpool last night.

"The plan changeover date varies according to your monthly billing date and will occur on the billing date after 30 days from the date the notice is sent. So if your monthly billing date is the 15th of the month, and the notice was sent on 1 October, allow 30 days to pass, your changeover occurs on 15 November," Selvaggi added. "This means you get at least 30 days notice, plus however many more days until your next bill cycle."

Selvaggi suggested that users may wish to switch to AAPT's 200GB on-peak and 200GB off-peak plan that arrives at the same $99.95 cost when bundled with the home phone connection.

Joseph C, a fellow iiNet representative on Whirlpool, also responded to customers unhappy to be moved from the plan as a result of the takeover.

"ISPs are not a charity, guys. We're here to run a business that we can be proud of as much as we're here to provide a service to you that you can use without fear of issues like congestion, which oddly enough can be caused by plans such as the Unlimiteds," he said. "That will always lead to compromises that some may not agree with, which is why contracts such as the AAPT SFOA [Standard Forms of Agreement] are designed with 'get out' clauses if you disagree with any forced changes that we make."

The removal of the unlimited plans comes as no surprise, with iiNet chief regulatory officer Steve Dalby flagging in July that it was unlikely that unlimited plans would move over to iiNet with AAPT's customers.

"It's unlikely we'll continue support for the unlimited plan because it doesn't fit with our model," he said. "We've looked at it in the past and decided against it quite deliberately."

iiNet CEO Michael Malone used stronger words to describe why the telco would not go unlimited.

"Think about it, who is going to pay a high rate for unlimited when they only download a few gigs a month? They'll take a low price, reasonable volume deal from someone else instead. So all you end up with on unlimited are the leeches," Malone said on Whirlpool in July.


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Adzy posted a comment   

I'm on a 200gig plan with Telstra. Thats more than enough.. Only people wanting Unlimited plans are HC Torrent'ers Seeding/Download 24/7 Slowing down the speeds of everyone else's connections. Once Australia finally moves away from Copper and into fibre we wont have a problem. Just look at Korea All they're plans are unlimited. Slowest speeds are 80,000kbps and they only pay $15 a month. But when we're limited to copper we need boundaries.


asdf posted a comment   

this is bullshit...i'm currently on the 25/7 unlimited plan.

i kept my end of the contract and so therefore they should too.


Neale posted a comment   

Lets be accurate when Michael Malone called them leeches they weren't his clients. Maybe now they're blood suckers which with the popularity of Twilight is a term on endearment.

Also how many CEO's will post on Whirlpool.

iiNet has to make business decisions - if its going keep offering great speeds it has to a manage its plans.


marak posted a comment   

"ISPs are not a charity, guys."

Clients are not leeches. If you cannot find a suitable business model to support your clients needs, then dont be surprised when those clients go to your competition.

Eventually these plans will come back, see how recently the data caps have "exploded", leaping from 50GB to 1TB packages? It will continue to rise - and their data costs are not getting cheaper, the backbone operators arnt going "oh lets start renting bandwidth for less" all of a sudden.

- Marak


AAPT customer posted a comment   

"Think about it, who is going to pay a high rate for unlimited when they only download a few gigs a month?"

People that only download a few gigs a month would obviously go for a different plan you retard.

I guess its back to TPG.


limE posted a comment   

I am an iinet naked DSL customer, and i'm appalled that the CEO is calling customers that are being shifted to their service 'leeches'.
Thats just wrong.


D posted a comment   

I always have this feeling that iiNet is going to be the next Telstra.


fieldy posted a comment   

another step backwards for the internet! yay!

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