iiNet ditches peak and off-peak data

Internode has already begun to have a positive influence on its parent company, with iiNet deciding to remove peak and off-peak downloads for its on-net ADSL2+ and Naked DSL plans and replace them with a single "anytime" quota.

Previously, monthly data allocation would be evenly split between peak and off-peak times, with off-peak generally between 2am and 8am every day, but iiNet has followed in the footsteps of recently acquired company Internode by now allowing customers the full limits of their plans at any time of the day.

iiNet CEO Michael Malone said that in addition to iiNet offering data packs for customers who go over their limit, it also offers them flexibility.

"I'm really pleased to launch these significant changes to our plans. Both of these options have been introduced in response to feedback from our customers. It is very satisfying that we are now in a position to release them to the market," he said in a statement.

iiNet customers in off-net areas, or on the National Broadband Network, will, for now, be left out of the changes and will continue to have peak and off-peak data.


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Im Batman posted a comment   

I'm looking forward to this change, the offpeak is always going unused ... there is the occasional linux kernel that needs to be downloaded which i plan for.
Always a bit frustrated by the ISPs advertising their offpeak allowances with sometimes more than peak... but honestly, the offpeak data really is just a farse... come on!!... you are really only paying for peak data, offpeak should be false advertising.

Will be interesting to see how our usage will change... with 100% extra data, in theory, we shouldn't exceed our quota... but given time i think we will.

I like it, as i can manage our downloads and are given free reign over the full quota we pay for.
However, friends don't like it so much, as this change doesn't fit for them!


nom07 posted a comment   

There's also a 17% increase in price to go with the change (e.g. Naked Home-1 goes from $59.95 to $69.95) yet the price jump doesn't seem to get a mention anywhere. Not such a good deal after all, and not what I have come to expect from iiNet. Is iiNet becoming the new Telstra as it grows?


Im Batman posted a reply   

Interesting, will keep an eye on that.

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