iiNet's 1TB plan, now playing on NBN

iiNet today revealed it would provide Tasmanian NBN customers with full 100Mbps speeds on all plans and the option of a terabyte data quota to truly get the benefit out of the fledgling fibre service.

iiNet's NBN plans

iiNet brings its new 1 terabyte plan to NBN customers from 1 September. (Credit: iiNet)

In a statement issued today, iiNet chief Michael Malone said iiNet wanted to give Australians a taste of what the NBN would deliver, for the same price they would usually pay for ADSL2+ broadband.

"The main advantage of the NBN is speed. You don't know what it's like until you actually use a reliable 100Mbps fibre connection in the home. And these speeds are seriously awesome," he said.

"The NBN is essential infrastructure that will help us keep up with the rest of the world. We're really pushing copper to its limits with new applications like IPTV, but it won't be able to deliver the next generation of applications," the CEO added.

The updated NBN plans will be available to new customers from 1 September. Normally, NBN customers are given a choice of three speeds — 25Mbps, 50Mbps and 100Mbps — but the 100Mbps speeds will be offered free of charge to all until 30 June 2011.

The updated plans mean that customers will be able to sign up for a 100Mbps plan with 500GB each of on- and off-peak data (for a total of 1 terabyte) for just $99.95 when bundled with a telephone line — or with 400GB of data when not bundled, for the same price.

Even low-end customers will benefit, with those on $29.95 plans still gaining access to the 100Mbps speeds, although they will only have 20GB of the total quota.

The news comes as iiNet, Primus and TPG this week announced terabyte ADSL2+ broadband plans, and Dodo revealed a new cut-rate "unlimited" ADSL2+ plan.

The fate of the NBN also hangs in the balance this weekend, with the latest polls having Labor and the Coalition neck and neck in the Federal Election. If the Coalition wins the vote, the NBN project will be scrapped and its assets sold to the private sector.

(Front page image credit: Going nowhere fast image by Nathan Eal Photography, CC2.0)


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hrc1079 posted a comment   

People need to get their facts straight before commenting on the NBN. If you don't understand it then don't comment. I like how everyone jumps to the conclusion that illegal activity is only what it's good for. What about people who wish to work from home? what about video conferencing? what about movie streaming (bigpond, itunes)? None of this can be done on the crappy copper we have now and Tony Abbotts plan is the most ridiculous out there. We have "so called" ADSL 2+ with speeds of 20mbps which i'm on. Given my distance from the exchange (2km) I get a crappy 6mb connection! Abbotts plan can't push more through the copper as the technology isn't there. Copper is old and needs to be scrapped. $43 billion is a lot of money but it's needed to get this country moving and keep up with the rest of the world. It's future proof where Abbotts will be redundant as soon as it's completed. No private company is going to invest this much money in a network, they simply don't have the money to do it. The government had to do this as no one else would. Wake up people and look at the big picture! Australia is so far behind in technology and if the NBN gets scrapped we may as well be a third world country!


Jeremy posted a comment   

Firstly, I hope Tony wins the election to put this crap to death.

Either way our internet will improve in due corse, a 75 Billion dollar internet isn't what Australia needs right now. If Julia wins, there is no promises when this will be completed in our cities or if providers will even agree with the terms and conditions the government will put over the rental of these fibre cables.

Also, I am a Playstation network user, as it's P2P, why are Australians upload speeds atm so low, and why are the still going to be low compared to Asia and the United states. Worst!


golpster posted a comment   

if the NBN gets scrapped by the government, then maybe private sector will get it done much quicker


Ozoneocean posted a reply   

Well we've been waiting for that for the last 10 years or more man. It hasn't happened yet and won't until someone kicks them in the Bum! Which is what the government plan did.


Sam posted a comment   

Why do people want fast download speeds? Answer: To download movies and pirated programs. If the government also bans these provider sites why bother making the net faster?


amikaze posted a comment   

Please note: iinet plan now includes bot download and upload count towards the quota.


Ben posted a comment   

"If the Coalition wins the vote, the NBN project will be scrapped and its assets sold to the private sector."

I don't know about that: we could be in for a double-dissolution election next year on this very issue.


boo posted a comment   

but if she wins they will track everything we do on the Internet whats the point of having fast Internet with lots of download if u cant download anything, because it will be considered ILLEGAL!!!!!! :(


James2911 posted a comment   

Please win Julia.

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