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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Impossible fairground rides bring on the vertigo

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The fictional Institute for Centrifugal Research uses incredible fairground rides to examine the effect of centrifugal force on cognitive function.

"Gravity is a mistake," said fictional scientist Dr Nick Laslowicz in The Centrifuge Brain Project. "We fight the forces that hold us down, and whole life is an effort to escape from reality."

The short film is the work of German digital artist Till Nowak, describing in mockumentary format the life work of Dr Laslowicz — to prove that centrifugal force increases cognitive function through the use of fairground rides.

Amazing fairground rides. Fairground rides that, as is only described via implication, have caused horrifying accidents, all in the name of "research". These rides are not, however, things that exist in the real world — they're the product of computer imagery and digital manipulation.

They also look absolutely terrifying.

At only six and a half minutes long, The Centrifuge Brain Project is well worth taking bit of time out of your day to enjoy its deeply deadpan, black wit. We sincerely hope Nowak has plans to make it into a full-length feature.

You can find the Institute for Centrifugal Research's website here and its Facebook page here.


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