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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

In Croatia, stamp post you

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Croatia's post office — the Hrvatska Pošta — has created the QR postage stamp to keep you, er, posted on your mail's whereabouts.

We can't wait for this to take off globally! The QR stamp, released on 9 September for Postage Stamp Day, lets people track their posted mail on its journey, and confirm delivery when it arrives.

According to the Hrvatska Pošta website, Croatia has only had its own postage stamps for 20 years, which makes this idea doubly cool.

There's more to see on the website, too: you can see how many QRs have been sent so far, where the last one was posted from and where it arrived, and how far the stamps have cumulatively travelled.

You can also check out an interactive map, which lets you view each stamp's journey, as well as comments made by people that it passed along the way.

It's like mail takes on a life of its own, beyond the contents of an envelope. Can you imagine receiving a letter and being able to view a story of where it's been? Awesome. Bring back snail-mail pen-pals.

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JoS posted a comment   

Yay !!! Go Croatia. Another great "invention" !!!


tomkesina posted a comment   

%u017Divjela Hrvatska!
Who would of thought, Croatia technologically advanced ;-)

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