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Upcoming indie sci-fi Arrowhead has been through many ups and downs. We talk to creator Jesse O'Brien about getting a film from conception to the screen.

Jesse O'Brien's first film caught our attention in September last year with the launch of a Pozible campaign. It contained a short film called Arrowhead: Signal, which O'Brien was trying to fund for a full feature film. The campaign didn't quite make its full funding, but the exposure got it noticed by Australia's Foxtel sci-fi channel, SF, which agreed to fund Arrowhead. Then Foxtel announced that SF would no longer be aired on its platform come new year 2014.

Getting noticed and getting made as an independent filmmaker in Australia presents some interesting challenges. We talk to O'Brien about creating Arrowhead, the local industry and how he has been overcoming hurdles to bring his film to the screen.

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