Indieshot, an all-in-one SLR video accessory

With more and more cameras able to capture full-HD videos in 1080p these days, the role of a camera doesn't just stop at stills.

(Credit: Grant Parrinello)

To get professional-grade footage free from camera shake, however, you'll need specialised videography tools, which can be a hassle to transport, due to their size and weight.

Los Angeles-based designer Grant Parrinello has come up with a concept design that combines multiple videography accessories into one. It acts as a steadicam to help stabilise your SLR when you're chasing after your subject, and can double as a camera crane for shooting at high and low vantage points.

(Credit: Grant Parrinello)

It can also be transformed into a glide track for cameras to pan with subjects, and turned into a shoulder-mounted tripod, as well as a dolly for more mobile applications.

According to the concept images, it looks like it can be easily disassembled into individual pieces for easy storage. We think that the Indieshot DSLR makes a handy all-in-one solution for those who are looking for a light and versatile solution and we're hoping to see it in production soon.

Via CNET Asia

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