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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Insane dock makes your iPad a religious relic

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(Credit: Georg Dinkel)

Do you worship your iPhone? Then, perhaps you need something like this creation, which is more Gothic reliquary than dock.

Created by 56-year-old Bavarian photographer Georg Dinkel, the dock — called TonSchrein 2.0 — is not the first in his series of iDevice shrines. Previously, he has created the original TonSchrein (literally "SoundShrine") for both the iPad and video iPod last year.

This new creation has kicked it up a notch. In the style of German Gothic sacred architecture, TonSchrein 2.0 is a thing of ornate gorgeousness — out of all proportion to its actual function. Built out of wood and polymer clay, and clad in metal leaf and powders, the dock houses a 25W two-way speaker system below the iPad's prominent display space, with a power button and volume lever discreetly hidden among the moulding.

It's not for the short on space, either: the entire thing measures 120x45 centimetres. Luckily, perhaps, it's a one-off work of art and not for sale.

You can see more pictures and information on Dinkel's website here.

(Credit: Georg Dinkel)


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