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Apple opened its second retail store in Australia at 9:00am on Saturday, 9 August — not a multi-storey, glass-fronted showcase in the central business district of Melbourne or Brisbane, but at Chatswood Chase, an upscale suburban shopping centre on the North Shore of Sydney.

This somewhat more subdued opening followed the huge fanfare of the launch of Apple's first store in the southern hemisphere on George Street in Sydney's central business district on 18 June.

The single-storey shop front had previously housed a women's fashion boutique, but Apple transformed the location to hold all the stations found in its other retail outlets, albeit on a much smaller scale.

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meng posted a comment   

hello im an apple macbook user..i wanna know if how can i open my microsoft powerpoint with mac..i really need help with this..plz reply to me at need help asap..thanks!!


Andy posted a comment   

Yes - but when you look at the areas with higher population and money, it makes more business sense to put a store here... And the first store had to be Sydney...


peripo posted a comment   

So what did Sydney do to deserve 2 stores? And when can the rest of us expect to get our own stores?

I'd have thought the second one would be in Melbourne at least. We're used to being slighted in Brisbane, but Melbourne?!?!?!?!

No impressed Steve...

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