Inside the Lenovo ThinkPad durability labs

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The Lenovo ThinkPad is known and trusted for its durability, and Lenovo's testing procedures are generally a well-guarded secret. While a few doors remained closed, and a number of tests appeared literally under wraps, CNET Australia was given the chance to visit the Lenovo test facility in Japan to see ThinkPads being put through their paces.

Lenovo's Yamato Labs has been the home of ThinkPad design since its origin with IBM 20 years ago. It is a centre for design and for testing the durability of new hardware under a range of conditions. CNET Australia took a tour of the test labs to see exactly what a ThinkPad is subjected to, from everyday usage to tests beyond any typical performance scenario.

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CherylB1 posted a comment   

I found it funny that in each picture there was a ThinkPad testing a ThinkPad. If it were humans it would be called either torture or boot camp.

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