Inside the Nikon 1 factory in China

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Did you know that almost every part of the Nikon 1 camera is pieced together by hand?

We were invited to take a behind-the-scenes look at how Nikon produces its cameras in China. In an era of machine-produced devices, it's fascinating to see that some things are still produced by hand.

The Nikon 1 is the company's name for its range of interchangeable lens cameras. There are two models, the J1 and V1, each catering to a slightly different user. Find out more about the range in our hands-on gallery.

Alexandra Savvides travelled to China as a guest of Nikon.

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tkivranyan2113 posted a comment   
United States

Is it possible to buy wholesale Digital SLR Cameras direct from factory, if yes how any help will be appreciated


samurai posted a comment   

You buy whatever you want, no one force you buy things "made in china", it's your choice, who cares!!


ADSLNerd posted a comment   

Despite the work and craftsmanship that goes into these digital cameras, the Made in China tag does not sit will with me as these cameras are dearer than better digital cameras Made in Japan. For my dollars I will only choose Made in Japan for Digital Still Camera's / DSLR's as well. I find their quality and features and finish a lot better.

Nikon are a Japanese company so all these should be Made in Japan. The excuse we always here is "its too expensive", but the majority of these devices are built by robots not humans, so cost is not an issue - its the profit they are talking about. Nikon are even making DSLR cameras in Thailand and yet these are more expensive than other brands which are Made in Japan and feature more - this makes no sense at all.


HarleyB posted a comment   

slave labour at its finest


Sammy. posted a reply   

.... ..... dude, stfu....

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