Instagram-inspired Socialmatic camera spits out Polaroid prints

The Polaroid camera inspired Instagram, which inspired the Socialmatic camera that lets users share digital photos and print out real-world versions. It's only a concept, at the moment, but it's cool, all the same.


(Credit: ADR Studio)

Here's an example of life imitating art imitating life.

And — like the vinyl records masquerading as a digital sound file that we wrote about not long ago — this is another example of the sort of real-world-meets-digital-realm mashup that our culture seems so fascinated by, as we all veer back and forth from the physical to the virtual.

An outfit named ADR Studio has come up with an Instamatic-like camera modelled on the icon for the Instagram app — an icon that was itself modelled on real-world Polaroid cameras and their attendant colourful branding.


(Credit: ADR Studio)

The Instagram Socialmatic Camera is a concept rather than an actual product, but it's fun all the same. ADR imagines the gadget as something that would let users share photos on Facebook, Instagram's new owner, using the "powerful InstaOs".

Users can also print their shots directly from the camera, a la Polaroid, but using the camera's built-in ink-jet printer and paper tray. The printed photos would feature a QR code that would allow other Socialmatic users to follow the photographer simply by pointing their gadgets at the code. The photos would also sport a Post-It-like adhesive strip that would let people plaster them around the brick-and-mortar world.

Would this fly? Who knows? The cost of consumables seems like a deterrent, but the gizmo certainly looks cool, and it would probably be a hit at real-world social gatherings — even though the photos wouldn't magically fade in the way Polaroid shots do (or did).


(Credit: ADR Studio)

And maybe you could store your real-world shots in a real-world album designed to look like iOS' sunflowery photo-gallery icon.


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