Instagram shuts off all Twitter photo integration

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Instagram has now completely shut off its photo integration with Twitter, making all Instagram shares to Twitter nothing more than a link.

All roads lead back to Instagram.
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Last week saw the relationship between Instagram and Twitter turn sour as Instagram dropped support for Twitter cards, the system that allows rich media to integrate elegantly with Twitter's stream on the web and in third party software. Now, Instagram has confirmed that it has ended all photo integration, reducing all Instagram photo shares with Twitter to a simple link.

Twitter confirmed the change in Instagram photo support in a post to its website, and a Facebook spokesperson confirmed the change with AllThingsD early this morning, local time.

Instagram pictures are still appearing in various Twitter clients, including Twitter's own Tweetdeck and the popular Tweetbot, but in cropped or misaligned forms. This had been the case since the card support changes were made last week.

The changes are part of an ongoing battle for who holds the true power in today's social environment. Does a drop in Twitter integration cost Instagram users or viewers? Or does Instagram reduce the value in Twitter if you must leave the service to see something you really want to see?

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